Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Out of all the springs I’ve been to in Florida, Ichetucknee Springs State Park is my absolute favorite. You can hike, swim, snorkel, scuba dive (during certain months), tube, and canoe & kayak. The park is also pet friendly.

South Entrance to Ichetucknee Springs
Dampiers Landing Dock at Ichetucknee Springs

There are two entrances to the park:the North entrance and South entrance. The South entrance has Dampiers Landing Dock, tram road, and 1 trail: Midpoint trail. You can go on a short tube ride from midpoint to Dampiers Landing dock. The hiking paths are pretty, but I’m glad I went to the South entrance first because the North entrance is where the best areas are!

North Entrance to Ichetucknee Springs
Ichetucknee Head Springs

The North entrance homes the beautiful waterfront that most pictures boast: the Head Springs. The North entrance also has the Blue Hole Spring, a tube & canoe launch, and an old phosphate mine. If you go on the water you will pass over the Devil’s Eye spring. To get to the Blue Hole you have to take a trail.

Bridge to the Blue Hole Springs

From the Head Springs you can hike to the Blue Hole. You will walk across a bridge and down a trail. The water is so clear and beautiful. You can just barely see the Blue Hole from the dock. It’s 40 feet deep!

Blue Hole Springs
The Blue Hole Springs

I was surprised I could see the Blue Hole since online it looked like you had to be on the water to get to view it (like the Devil’s Eye).  I love stumbling upon finds that I didn’t know about or am not expecting! Travel surprises like this make my love for adventure deeper. Luckily I had brought a bathing suit with me, so once I knew I could get to the Blue Hole, I decided to get a closer look!

The Blue Hole

The water was cold, but I wanted to get close to the Blue Hole. It’s an opening to a forty foot deep cave below. The Blue Hole is also known as the Jug because of its shape. I was swimming in the spring alone and it was my first time trying to use my GoPro underwater. I tried to video the Blue Hole, but I was a little nervous & it was difficult swimming and filming. The video is shaky & I couldn’t see, plus the blue light was alluring but a little scary. Scuba divers can dive down in the cave from October to March.

Other Information

I was so happy with my trip to Ichetucknee Springs! There are so many little gems in this park. Both entrances were beautiful and unique. The water can’t be matched! If you’re in Florida and want to get outdoors, be sure to visit! Ichetucknee Springs State Park is a little over 2 hours from Orlando.


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