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My Favorite Rides at Disney World

There are so many blogs out there about Disney World. You can find what to wear, see, do, and eat with a basic search. Information about the rides is readily available, but when my friends & family come to town they ask me which rides I recommend. So I decided to list my favorite rides at Disney World by each park! Here are my picks & why:

Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safaris:
Kilimanjaro Safaris ride at Disney World
Kilimanjaro Safaris ride at Disney World

Since I’m an animal lover this shouldn’t be a surprise, and of course, there are giraffes! On this ride you get into safari bus and go on a tour of the savannah. You can see Okapi, various birds, hippos, rhinos, giraffes, gazelle, monkeys, elephants, and more! Even once you’ve been on the safari no ride is the same, the next trip you may see an animal you haven’t seen before. I recommend going first thing in the morning or around dusk since the animals are more active. Animal Kingdom now has a night ride for the safari, but if you go after dark you aren’t going to see much! Continue reading My Favorite Rides at Disney World