GPSmyCity Announcement

GPSmyCity Article Announcement

Things to do in Orlando (besides theme parks)!

Hey guys, I have some exciting news! Two of my posts will be added to GPSmyCity as travel articles! The first article that will be released this week is: “Things to Do in Orlando (Besides the Theme Parks)!”

For those of you who don’t know what GPSmyCity is, you’re in for a treat. GPSmyCity takes travel articles and turns them into maps for the readers. So the next time you’re in a new city, you don’t have to keep looking online for places to visit, or figure out where the good restaurants in the area to eat are. You’ll have all of the information at your fingertips with GPSmyCity!

You can download article apps on your phone for free and upgrade them to use GPS navigation as a map when you’re in the area. The apps make it easier for you to navigate through the city you’re in. The apps will not only make planning your itinerary easier, but will guide you to nearby locations for sightseeing and eating.

GPSmyCity Features

GPSmyCity gives you a list of cities to explore from the articles bloggers have written and the locations are downloaded into your GPS so you can navigate your way through the city without using any of your data! The article apps are free to download and the GPS feature costs only a little extra.

Normally these article apps can be upgraded with GPS coordinates for $1.99, but for the first week that it’s launched (June 19th – June 25th), my article, “Things to Do in Orlando (Besides the Theme Parks)!”, will be FREE to download!

GPSmyCity App Giveaways

There’s one more tidbit of information that makes this news even more exciting: there are App Giveaways! That’s right, not only can you download my travel articles, but you’ll be able to access other articles for different cities for free! You just need to download the app and you’ll have access to thousands of articles from other bloggers like me, along with the GPS coordinates you’ll need to get to the locations listed in the articles.

Download the GPSmyCity App Now!

Click on the link below to download the GPSmyCity app from iTunes now:

Below are the links to my two articles that you can find on the GPSmyCity app. The first article is the giveaway, and the second article covers where to go in St. Augustine, Florida. I hope you enjoy!


(Giveaway) Things to Do in Orlando (Besides the Theme Parks)! 

***The giveaway will be active from June 19th until June 25th.***

St. Augustine Day Trip


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