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Airboat Ride in Kissimmee

Searching for Gators

Airboat ride on Lake Toho

Airboat rides are an iconic Florida activity. Gliding through swampy, alligator infested waters is the first image that comes to mind, but our guide told us differently. The alligators usually hide since they can hear the airboats coming, so getting a close look at one is difficult. Luckily for us it was August, which is nesting season for alligators. The mother gators would stay near their nests, even when they sensed intruders drawing near. Continue reading Airboat Ride in Kissimmee

Bioluminescent Kayak Tour

Drifting Through Glowing Waters

Florida’s Indian River hosts a magnificent natural occurrence during the warm summer months: bioluminescence. I came across a picture of bioluminescence one day and with a quick search I discovered that this spectacular display is only 45 minutes away from me.  I could go on a bioluminescent kayak tour in Titusville, Florida. A scene from the movie Life of Pi came to mind, the one where Pi wakes up and finds that the sea is glowing around him and all the creatures are illuminated. This phenomenon is real; bioluminescence causes the surrounding water to light up, or glow, when movement is present.

Kayaks lined up for the bioluminescent kayak tour

Continue reading Bioluminescent Kayak Tour

Hello world & welcome!

imageWell hello & welcome to my blog! My name is Kristen Howell and I’m excited to share my adventures with you! Let me introduce myself a little: I love travelling, the outdoors, animals {especially giraffes}, reading, mac & cheese, waterfalls, and anything purple. I am also somewhat of a thrill seeker. I moved around growing up, but I call Alabama home. Three years ago I moved from my ‘home’ state to Orlando, Florida leaving behind family & great friends. I love sharing my experiences with them, so I’m creating this blog not only as a diary of my travels and adventures, but also so my family & friends can keep up with me. I plan on travelling more in the upcoming future and want to record all of my adventures here. Hopefully others will be inspired by my travels and add some things to their bucket lists! Continue reading Hello world & welcome!